Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nothing To See Here. Please Move Along...

January has always been a relatively slow month, show-wise, and this year's edition has done nothing to dispel that notion. On the plus side, it always provides much-needed time to recharge, work on some new material, and even spend time with a favorite new Christmas gift. (I heartily recommend Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and Assassin's Creed, by the way...)

I did get the opportunity to do a show for a corporate group in New York City last week that was quite fun, despite the fact that it was 8 o'clock in the morning. The audience was far more receptive and enthusiastic than anyone has any business being on the left side of noon so it was a gratifying experience for everyone involved. I'll be returning to the city in February to represent a major toy manufacturer at Toy Fair '08 and I'll fill you in on that next month.

Sandy and I got the chance to see Cloverfield on its opening day. I'm a sucker for huge-monster-comes-out-of-the sea-and-destroys-a-large-city movies (and there's a surprising number in that genre, even if you take the Japanese monsters out of the equation) so this was a must-see. We enjoyed it immensely though the erratic camera work (the premise of the film is that it was supposedly shot with a handheld video camera) reportedly is making some audience members queasy. However, in my opinion, it was everything that the cheesy remake of Godzilla in 1998 should have been...and more.

In case you're one of the two or three that hasen't seen any of the viral marketing for the film, check out the trailer:

See you in February...